public access to our gallery ( has been blocked off and will temporarily be available for approved users. let me know if you would like an account activated.’s gallery is currently the largest dave franco gallery in the web, also the most comprehensive. it hosts over thousands of high quality photos of dave and all sorts of photos.

due to the amount of people stealing from our gallery and reposting items without any credit at all, we have set this system up to prevent this from going further. it really upsets us that we have to do this, but it upsets us even further when all the work and money we put into our site ends up nowhere and credit goes to the wrong people/sites.

wow amazing site i love dave franco so much can u follow me back

Yes, of course!

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Gallery Update: Events & Candids

Several missing candid sets have been added to the gallery along with a handful of photos of Dave attending a couple events this year and existing photos have been upgraded to high quality versions.

“Neighbors” Gallery Update

I’ve added two high quality stills from Davy’s latest movie, “Neighbors”. Along with the stills, the gallery has been updated with trailer screencaps and over 400+ on-set photos! Be sure to check out the gallery as a lot of photos are being added right now and more updates will be coming your way in a bit. Enjoy!

We’ve got a bunch of awesome high quality photos to upload this weekend and the following so stay tuned!

what do you think about dave franco online? lol

Awesome site! It’s very well updated and it’s another nice site for Davy news. 

JANUARY | Outside Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood - [view more at Dave Franco Fan]

JANUARY | Outside Katsuya restaurant in Hollywood - [view more at Dave Franco Fan]